Music Video

We provide cinema quality music video productions to signed and unsigned artists. We help create the concept, storyboard, source props, and locations.


We can assist you in making your film come to life! We have handled all aspects of production on film sets. From sound, to cinematography, directing, editing and producing.


Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video. We'll create a professional commercial that sells your product or service.


Nothing gets an audience involved quite like feeling they are part of the team. We will capture promotional videos to share with your fans.


Let us help you create consistent content on a budget you can afford. Wether it's an ongoing project or just a one time thing, we've got all your corporate needs covered.


We specialize in capturing the true experience of an event. If you are hosting an event, capturing the content is a huge opportunity. We love telling an event's unique story through video.


To get the exposure and recognition in today’s music industry that you need, it is essential to have a high quality, eye-catching video to market yourself, your music, and your talent. Gordon Cowie Films produces MTV style, cinematic quality, music videos at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional, old school production houses. Our effective, proven process and minimal overhead allows us to pass the savings on to you.

All of our music video packages include pre-production, production and post production.


  • Create a concept for your video
  • Story boards
  • Source make-up artists + hair stylists
  • Find locations
  • Hire talent + actors


  • Time on set
  • We provide crew members
  • Filming equipment


  • Video editing
  • Unlimited rounds of editing
  • Color Correction
  • Delivery

Red Cinematic One Day Music Video Package $3495

This music video package includes pre-production, production and post production. In pre-production we focus on getting all the projects needs met. We help get everything organized, which includes helping storyboard your idea out, make schedules, find locations, actors, extras, make-up artists, and hair artists as well as helping you come up with a concept if it’s needed. Then we move to post production which is the filming of the actual music video, all our filming equipment is included in our package, there is no extra equipment cost. After the filming of your music video is complete we move onto post-production. Post production is where we edit all the content together, we don’t put a limit on how many edit’s you need. Once the edit has been complete we then start the color correction process, which involves painting the images with color to give your video the look and feel you want. After that we send you final product in which ever format you need.

Red Cinematic Two Day Music Video Package $3995

Includes everything from the Red Cinematic Music Video Package but with two days of filming. If you would like to film at multiple locations or settings, we would highly recommend going with our two day package. The majority of our clients find this package best fits their needs.

Red Cinematic Three Day Music Video Package $4495

Includes everything from the Red Cinematic Music Video Package but with three days of filming. We generally only recommend this if you want to shoot at more then six total locations. Changing locations on set generally takes a few hours. We generally suggest two locations in one day but we have squeezed in three before.

Cinematography Package $995

This package is for anyone who has everything set and just needs a cinematographer, (someone who will handle the camera) you already have your concept, you have your director, producer and editor, you just don’t have the camera gear or cameraman. We will come out and shoot your video and make it look incredible. We use our own camera and film everything on a Red Epic W with Helium 8k sensor which is 4 times the amount of pixels of 4k. Above and below this package you can see images showing you the difference from HD to 4K to 8k. Once finished filming we will hand over all the media over to your editor. The $995 covers the first day of filming any additional day needed is $495.

Post Production Editing Package $995

If you have already filmed your video and you just need someone to edit the footage and do color correction, this is the package you want to choose. We have you send over the raw footage and we take care of the rest. We don’t limit you on the amount of edits, we want you to love the video and we will work on it till it’s done. The editing also includes color correction which an important process in making your video pop. Below you can see a image before and after it’s been color corrected . The price includes a 3 and half minute song, for each additional 30 seconds we charge an extra $100.


It has been predicted that within the next 2-3 years every company will need a full time videographer on hand. Social Media has shifted everything and there is a demand for constant content. If you are not providing your clients with it, someone else will. The companies that wait too long or resist this will begin to struggle in the near future. We are the company that can provide you those services. Wether thats weekly, monthly, or somewhere in between. We offer large discounts for companies who need consistent content. Let us help you create high quality content on a budget you can afford.

  • Testimonials
  • Educational Videos
  • Corporate Event Filming
  • Commercials


Event filming is our backbone and where we started out. We began as videographers capturing events, concerts and weddings. We still love filming events because each one is always a brand new experience. If you are hosting an event, capturing the content is a huge opportunity! The footage is so dynamic and can be used across many different platforms. We can cut up the event into multiple social media clips as well as put together an overall highlight video. Video allows your audience to experience the event, even if they couldn’t be in attendance. It has the power to convert viewers to attendees in the future. We would love to attend your event and help it comes to life through video and create memories.


  • Video boosts conversion + sales
  • Video shows great ROI
  • Video builds trust
  • Google loves video content
  • Video caters to mobile users
  • Video encourages social sharing


Have a product you want to get seen or a company you are trying to draw more traffic to? Commercials have become extremely relevant to both large and small business owners. Before every video a customers watches is a commercial. There is no better way to target your audience on platforms that they visit most. We will help you develop your concept that fits your brand and sends the message you want them to hear. From there we take care of all the filming and remaining planning for the project. We let our clients be as hands on as they want with their projects.


  • Planning
  • Story Boarding
  • Crew
  • Filming Equipment
  • Editing
  • Color Correction
  • Unlimited Revisions



"Gordon did a great job on my son's video. He was artistic and professional and delivered a terrific video. He listened to our ideas and incorporated what we wanted. I would highly recommend him!"

- Sharon Colling (Artists Mother)


"Gordon's high quality production work has elevated our company's digital media presence. We've used him multiple times for our corporate video needs. Always professional, would highly recommend working with him and his crew. A+ service."

- Chad Ekern- TCOR Calc


"I've worked with Gordon on a few projects and I would highly recommend and work with him again any chance possible. His camera and production work is incredible. He truly has the ability to take a vision and make it come alive on film. He is very professional and easy to work with. Any project with Gordon will be done at the highest level."

- Chris Studenka- Actor


"Gordon has produced several music videos and is working on more concepts for the bands I manage. I continue to use him as he is professional, artistic and knows how to develop a project into something exceptional. He has been a charm to work with and the end result always exceeds my standards, as well as the musical artists."

- Jay Redylne- Label Manager


"Gordon is exceptional. His work speaks for itself, but his professionalism and attention to detail truly sets him apart. His prices are a steal for the quality you get and he truly trusts the artist's vision and helps bring that vision to life. Great with communication, no ego (a rarity in this industry, believe me) and he'll work with you every step of the way to ensure your project is perfect. He does amazing work and he's someone I absolutely recommend."

- Desh- Musical Artist


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